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About Us

Our story begins many years ago when when in our 20’s we found it necessary to figure out ways to control our weight.

We learned about and tried just about every diet in the book. It’s a struggle that many of us are familiar with. Many of our efforts were successful for a while but were difficult to stick with.

We discovered that our bodies needed more nutrition than we were getting from our low calorie, low fat diets. It was this lack of nutrition that was causing us to eat too much. We wanted more and more food because the body was searching for nutrition but never finding it.

We learned about superfoods and their incredible potential to bring us better health. A farmer’s market in another city that gave us access to organic fruits and vegetables that we couldn’t find locally.

We discovered a love for smoothie recipes that began our shake journey. We learned how to add fruits and vegetables to protein powder to make incredibly delicious shakes. This was a great way to get nutrition but in order to make it taste good, you have to add a lot of fruit. Some fruit is good but too much adds too much sugar.

This learning has been a process of a couple of decades now. After trial and error and a lot of study, we narrowed down our preferred protein powder to be plant-based. It seemed to be the perfect meal replacement shake but with several glaring problems.
1. Fresh fruits and vegetables go bad within days.
2. Preparation is a lot of work.
3. Organic is hard to find.
4. Too much fruit is too much sugar.

So, we experimented with a solution.

What if we could find the best superfoods in a powder form that would...
1. be shelf-stable
2. take all the hassle out of the preparation
3. be organic
4. have less sugar

As we got better and better we learned that there are so many superfoods.

1. Many superfoods aren’t easily available.
2. It just isn’t practical to buy a whole container of each superfood.
3. and Organic superfoods can be expensive.

That’s why we created ShakeBox. It solves a number of problems. In one easy to make shake, you get the benefits of our experience.

1. We picked out the best plant-based proteins.
2. We found the best superfoods in a shelf-stable powder form.
3. We removed the sugar.
4. We offer a nutrition-packed meal replacement built for a real person.
5. You get the nutrition you need to finally lose weight and keep it off.
6. Customer-managed subscriptions get you the perfect blend without having to go anywhere.

ShakeBox is the result of years of research. It’s incredibly nutritious and absolutely delicious.

We know you’ll love all the goodness we deliver.

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